Well-prepared design team at your service:

Meet our best professional design consultants to be guided and consulted, helping you fulfill your wish for the best home ever.

Customer benefits:

  • Advice on choosing furniture
  • Free design consultation
  • Advice on achieving a cozy and comfortable living space
  • Express your style and personality through your unique home design
  • Provide 3D design based on your blueprint
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Interior design service for unfinished units

Customers who receive an unfinished that is a villa, townhouse, or apartment, just need to provide the premises. Nha Xinh will work to come up with design ideas and provide a full constructing service for the space, from kitchen to living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and all the decorations that will make the space livelier and cozier, expressing your feelings and lifestyle in the most stylish way.

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Designing Process



Step 1: Receiving information and making ground survey

Summarize the customer’s request and the type of construction (apartments, villas, townhouses); the type of service (product supply, renovation, new design); and finally, perform a site survey and actual measurement.

Step 2: Idea designing

Based on the information collected from the customer and site survey, Nha Xinh will come up with ideas and space solutions to satisfy all the requirements and objectives. Furthermore, Nha Xinh can estimate the implementation cost based on the blueprint provided.

Step 3: Create a 3D perspective design

Based on the 2D design approved by the customer, Nha Xinh will give the customer a clearer view of the lively interior design through a 3D perspective design method. Show every color and material perfectly so that the customer can clearly see the space and interior of their room before construction.

Step 4: Construction contract signing

After finishing and giving out the final 3D design, a construction contract will be made and signed according to the final price estimate sheet based on the approved design.

Step 5: Carry out the construction

The Nha Xinh’s supervision and design team will be combined and carry out the construction of the project according to the given schedule.

Step 6: Acceptance and project handover

After the project has been finished and the acceptance process has been performed, Nha Xinh will hand over the finished construction. Furthermore, customers can be assured that the project will be cleaned and they will be guided on how to use products from the project thoroughly.

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